Phobos Down 0.0.8 alpha released

This update to Phobos Down comes sooner than usual because I needed a new version for Game Development World Championship 2024 submission. Despite the fast schedule, there are some significant improvements.

I have made some changes to reduce the idle waiting time during the missions. The idle time between enemy waves has been shortened and messages are now shown when waves start and end.

Previously there were indicators at screen edges that guided the player to stationary enemies. Now the same indicators are shown for all enemies. This might make the screen edges a bit more "busy" than I'd like but it removes the need to track down the first wandering enemies and gives a better view of the overall situation. Storywise it also makes that the support ship in orbit provides this information.

There are now random crystal formations growing from the ground. They act as simple obstacles that provide some cover and add visual variation to the mission sites.

Here is the full change log since version 0.0.7:

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Posted on 2024-05-27