Platforms: Windows, Linux
Status: In development
Release date: TBD

You're a lone corporation contract worker sent to salvage lost cargo on a distant uncharted planet full of hostile lifeforms. Mow down waves of unique enemies earning access to better equipment and customize your weapons to suit your play style. Protect the cargo and live to enjoy your reward.

Phobos Down is a twin stick shooter stripped down to the bare essentials. There is a player with three guns, swarms of enemies that need killing and a weapon upgrade system made as simple as possible. You can play unique randomized missions or weekly challenges where everyone play the same game and compete for the highest scores.

The game is currently in development with a public alpha version available. Note that while the core game is playable, this is an early version with a lot of planned content and features are still missing.


Downloads are hosted on Itch.io:


In-game screenshots

Gameplay video

Development status

All core gameplay mechanics are implemented. What is missing is a ton of content and polish. Here's what you can expect in coming versions:

The game is developed primarily for PC (Windows and Linux) with Steam Deck in mind. A mobile version is technically possible but I have not made a decision about it yet.

Known issues

Microsoft Defender likely warns you about "unrecognized app" when launching this game. This is because you're one of the first people to ever run the executable, so Defender knows nothing about it. You can either click "more info" from the dialog and then "run anyway" to let it run despite the warning or install the game through Itch.io application.

Having a gamepad (especially DS4) connected while playing with keyboard and mouse sometimes leads to jerky player movement.

Sometimes missiles don't explode on contact.