Phobos Down 0.0.7 alpha released

It's time for another Phobos Down alpha update!

Once again there is a long list of bug fixes and improvements. Probably the most visible additions is the glowing waving "trees". In practice, they are just simple static obstacles but they bring some much needed variation and more dynamic lights to the mission sites.

Another small but important visual change is that the player now turns into the direction of movement while not aiming instead of walking backwards long distances and looking stupid.

The character controller has received a lot of improvements. Walking up steep hills should now finally be smooth. This applies to the player and especially to the larger enemy types.

While there are no new enemy types added this time, I have made some changes to the existing ones. Relative enemy appearance frequencies have all been adjusted and fixes made so that the rare enemy types actually appear as infrequently as intended. One bigger change here is that the "spawner" enemy (the floating egg-like thing that spawns other enemies) has been turned into a rare special enemy type that appears at most once per wave. I did this because multiple simultaneous "spawners" were very tedious to fight and made the mission last way longer than intended.

As for new content, I have added stun projectile modifier that makes a weapon stun enemies for a while. There is also a stun device drop pod that can be used to stun a large number of enemies within range. The stunned enemies are then an easy source of kill streak or multi-kill score rewards. Stun projectiles make hitting fast-moving enemies a lot easier.

Here is the full change log since version 0.0.6:

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Posted on 2024-05-06