Phobos Down 0.0.5 alpha released

Time for another Phobos Down alpha update!

This update adds the long-promised "online features" which means global weekly challenges and high scores tables for them. Weekly challenge is a game mode where all players play the same game (same procedural generation seed) for one week and compete for the highest scores. Every week the game changes and the high scores are reset. Additionally there is a "release challenge" that works similarly but is active for four weeks after a new version is released.

One new feature which is probably not that important for the players, but was necessary to me, is the pause/photo mode that lets you pause the game and freely fly around with the camera snapping pretty screenshots. Press P or gamepad Y/△ to toggle photo mode.

The medical devices have been completely redesigned. You no longer need to stay standing close to the device because that made it really hard to use while being attacked. Now you can just activate the device and continue dodging bullets while slowly regaining health.

The previous update made last remaining enemies target the player at end of a wave to prevent having to hunt them down. This was a good change but I completely forgot that there are immobile enemies too. I now added indicator at screen edges pointing towards the stationary enemies to make finding them easier.

Here is the full change long since version 0.0.4:

Give it a go and let me know what you think! You can contact me through the contact form here or leave a comment on page.

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Posted on 2023-12-18