Unnamed twin-stick shooter

Those who have been following me on social media have probably already heard about this but I think it's time to make a more formal post about my latest game project. The game has no name yet but it's a minimal twin-stick shooter game where you play as an astronaut on a cargo salvage mission on uncharted planet full of hostile lifeforms. It will feature low-poly aesthetics (as usual), procedural generation and moddable weapons.

Here's how it looks today (my Godot Engine Showreel 2022 submission video):

I have been working on this more or less since I finished Polychoron. The basic core gameplay mechanics are starting to take form but there is a very long way to go until this is a proper game. I haven't set any hard deadlines for myself so the game is ready when it's done. Probably not this year :)

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Posted on 2022-06-30