Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, Web
Status: In development
Release date: TBA (2021)

Polychoron is a simple but challenging 3D shoot'em up in zero gravity environment in series of unique mazes. The objective is to take out hostile drones guarding the maze, collect score and power-ups and reach the next maze alive. Those who reach the highest levels and collect most score before the inevitable death get their names on the global high score table.



Play on the web

The web version has proven to work at least in recent versions of Chrome (or Chromium) and Firefox.

It is highly recommended that you use the native desktop versions if possible. They include advanced features lacking from the web version (HDR, global illumination) and generally offer much better gameplay experience.


In-game screenshots

Gameplay video

Development status

The game is currently in development and is released for public alpha testing to gather feedback. Let me know what you think, your feedback will help make the game better!

Known issues

None at the moment.