Polychoron 1.0.1 released

This is a minor maintenance update. It has been nearly three months since Polychoron release and I have received very few bug reports. I take this as a good sign.

There are some crashes reported on Google Play. Most of them seem to be related bad GLES3 support on old Android versions and luckily they seem to be affecting only a small number of players. I would like to fix these too but they are very hard to resolve unless workarounds are implemented in Godot Engine itself. I did upgrade the engine to latest stable version (3.4) which should at least improve input responsiveness on lower end devices.

Vast majority of the players have been playing the mobile version, which feels kind of weird as I have always viewed Polychoron as primarily a desktop game, best played with mouse and keyboard. I thought playing a 6DoF game on touch screen would be impossible but I'm glad to be wrong. Ratings and reviews have been mostly positive.

Here are the changes since version 1.0.0:

See Polychoron game page for more information. Direct downloads have been updated on Itch.io. Android version update has been uploaded on Google Play and will be available shortly. Web version has been updated on GotM.io.

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Posted on 2021-12-15