Polychoron 1.0.0 released

It's done! After two years since the initial game jam game, Polychoron is finally ready.

There are very few changes since the last beta version:

I also upgraded Godot engine to version 3.3.3 which brings a couple of relevant bug fixes:

If you're wondering where all your precious high scores went, they are still there but only visible in previous alpha/beta versions. Due to so many changes affecting game's difficulty during development, I decided to "reset" the high scores on this release to allow fair competition from here on.

Polychoron is now available as pay-what-you-want title on Itch.io (no minimum payment).

See Polychoron game page for more information. Direct downloads have been updated on Itch.io. Android version update has been uploaded on Google Play and will be available shortly. Web version has been updated on GotM.io.

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Posted on 2021-09-22