Polychoron 0.0.5 alpha released

This update doesn't bring any radical changes but a lot of fixes and improvements here and there. Perhaps the most noticeable change is the smoothed out difficulty spike on level 8 where the laser beam wielding sentry guns first appear. Also, the first non-score power-up has been added. More will come.

Here's what has changed since version 0.0.4:

  • Added anti-aliasing option in menu.
  • Added optional aim fine-tuning using gyroscope on mobile.
  • Added fire rate increasing power-up.
  • Do not bake data for global illumination when it's not used.
  • Added support for HTML5 version.
  • Fixes to issues when using GLES2 renderer.
  • Tweaked lighting with GLES2 renderer to compensate for lack of HDR and GI.
  • Adjusted HUD for better visibility on mobile.
  • Toggle HUD visibility with F5.
  • Show performance statistics with F3.
  • Require a name for high scores.
  • Fixed dimming HUD inside passive teleports.
  • Preload more materials to prevent stutter later on.
  • Show game score and time on level competion page.
  • Made mines detonate faster and cause more damage on higher levels.
  • Adjusted laser equipped sentry gun timing for much easier first encounter.

See Polychoron game page for more information. Direct downloads have been updated on Itch.io. Android version update has been uploaded on Google Play and will be available shortly.

The game play mechanics are pretty much all there and I'm not expecting any radical changes to visuals either, so I'm planning to focus more on audio for the next alpha version. Maybe I'll add a new power-up or two as well.

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Posted on 2020-07-22

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