Polychoron 0.0.3 alpha released

A new update to Polychoron is here along with some fresh gameplay video footage:

Click below to play the video. Note: This will load the embedded video from Youtube and will allow Google to collect data according to their privacy policy.

Here's what has changed since version 0.0.2:

  • Added sentry gun variant with laser beam (starting from level 8).
  • Added a full-screen dither shader to fix ugly banding on walls.
  • Replaced light flicker with shader based glitch effects when badly damaged.
  • Fixed sentry guns occasionally spawning in line of sight from player.
  • Added shader based damage flash effect that indicates damage direction.
  • Replaced spawn particle effects with flash to black on respawn.
  • Added controller/mobile vibration on damage and death.
  • Preload more resource to fix stutter on first shot and first explosion.
  • Open menu to pause game on focus loss only on mobile.
  • Removed mesh based muzzle flashes.
  • Added a bit more variation to wall textures.
  • Added guide icons to touch screen controls.
  • Increased touch screen control sensitivity when scaled down.
  • Added support for GLES2 renderer (see readme.txt).
  • Fixed projectiles moving backward while game is paused.
  • Changed to new fonts.
  • Fixed power-ups occasionally overlapping enemies.
  • Fixed high score disappearing due to forbidden characters in player name.
  • Fixed too many decimals on ship integrity in HUD.
  • Toggle full-screen mode with Alt-Enter too.
  • Play HUD sounds without the reverb filter.

I have set up a proper game page and the downloads are now hosted on Itch.io.

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Posted on 2020-05-22

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