Lockdown Protocol 1.4.2 released

This update makes Lockdown Protocol compatible with Itch.io desktop application. There as some minor bug fixes too.

Here's full list of changes since version 1.4.1:

  • Minor changes to make the game compatible with Itch.io desktop application.
  • Fixes randomly missing contact effects in physics simulation.
  • Upgraded some external libraries (Ogre3D, Bullet, GLFW) to latest versions.

The downloads on itch.io have been updated. You can find more information on the Lockdown Protocol page as usual.

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Posted on 2016-01-26


Comments (2)

2016-02-21 08:49:23 by Anon

Hello. The game is open source?

2016-02-21 10:24:13 by fractilegames

No. The game can be downloaded free of charge, but the source code is not publicly available.