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Lockdown Protocol 1.4.1 released

This one is purely a bug fix release. The automatic Intel GPU detection and workaround for missing textures issue was not working as well as it should. At least Intel Iris GPUs slipped through undetected which resulted in most textures completely missing on Windows. This should now be fixed.

I also added command line options for enabling/disabling this workaround manually (--disable-mipmaps and --enable-mipmaps). This way you can manually activate the workaround or, more importantly, bypass the auto-detection if your Intel GPU does not need the workaround. After all, disabled mipmaps will cause more or less visible texture aliasing artifacts.

Here's full list of changes since version 1.4.0:

  • Fixed unreliable Intel GPU detection for missing textures workaround.
  • Added command line options for enabling/disabling mipmaps manually.
  • List active workarounds on start-up. added support for comments and I have enabled them for Lockdown Protocol's page there. That's one more way to give us some much appreciated feedback.

The downloads on have been updated. Check out the Lockdown Protocol page for more information on the game.

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Posted on 2015-09-20

Lockdown Protocol 1.4.0 released

Although I have been playing around with some new game prototypes lately I have not forgotten Lockdown Protocol.

This update fixes one big cause of frustration that should have been fixed a long time ago. Previously, when pushing objects or when they get moved by explosions and bullet hits, they often end up in a position where you can no longer reach them. Objects intended to be used as cover no longer protect you when they get pushed to the side of the corridor. Also the eggs were sometimes in places where you could not shoot them directly.

The solution is embarrassingly obvious. Movement of most dynamic objects is now constrained to vertical plane so that they will always stay in the middle of the corridors and reachable by the player. The eggs have been made immovable and their positions in all levels has been adjusted so that they can always be shot.

I have finally added a workaround to a long-standing bug that caused many textures to be completely invisible with Intel GPUs on Windows. This is a big thing because modern laptops run the game well, but this has been ruling out a huge amount of potential players. So, if you have dismissed the game in the past because of this, now would be a good time to give it another chance.

Here's full list of changes since version 1.3.0:

  • Added final single player level (sp26).
  • Disable mipmaps on Windows with Intel GPUs as workaround to long-standing missing textures bug.
  • Fixed zero completion target time (no time bonus) in 25th single player level.
  • Locked most dynamic objects to XY plane so that they won't slide out of reach when moved.
  • Made dragon eggs immovable and moved them to positions where they can always be shot.
  • Fixed physics bug causing completely wrong torques on objects hit by projectiles.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs found by static code analysis.
  • Ignore very small fall damage to prevent unnecessary damage effects.

With this version I'm dropping the demo version. Now that you can pay what you want for the full version, there is very little need for a separate limited demo version. It is possible to download the game for free for evaluation and later come back to pay what you think it's worth.

Check out updated game page for more information.

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Posted on 2015-09-06

Pay what you want for Lockdown Protocol

Do you feel that the price of Lockdown Protocol is not right? Don't worry, now you can get the full version for any price you think it's worth!

When you purchase the full version, this is what you get in comparison to the free demo version:

  • Unlimited access to all built-in and user created levels.
  • One more exclusive player skin for use in multiplayer matches.
  • All future updates for free.
  • Warm fuzzy feeling for supporting a small independent developer.

Go to the Lockdown Protocol page on and you can set the price yourself. The suggested default price is $4.99 USD (roughly 4.5€ EUR) and for practical reasons the minimum payment is set to $1 USD.

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Posted on 2015-07-27

Lockdown Protocol 1.3.0 on

The only visible change in this update is a completely redesigned game logo. Besides that, I have dropped my custom full version key mechanism. From now on, there are separate downloads for the demo version and the full version. Both are available on For the first week, the full version is available at -50% discount:

I will send a new key to the people who have already purchased the full version of the game. The custom keys sold before will continue to work with all versions prior to 1.3.0.

Here's full list of changes since 1.2.0 final release:

  • Changed to a completely redesigned game logo.
  • Created a new menu background shader effect that looks better with the new logo.
  • Dropped custom full version keys in favor of separate demo and full version packages.
  • Fixed ugly alpha blending on some UI components.
  • Fixed auto-detection of original XBox controller on Linux.

Check out the game page for more information.

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Posted on 2015-07-08

Lockdown Protocol 1.2.0 released

This update is coming a lot sooner than I expected. There are no major bug fixes, but because I have heard a lot of complaints about annoyingly slow-moving platforms and that has been improved, I decided to put this update out now.

The movement speed of all platforms and elevators has been increased noticeably. Wait times are also a little shorter now. The change might not be as radical as some had hoped, but it's still a big improvement. I even had to adjust completion target times in some platform-heavy levels.

Here's full list of changes since 1.1.0 final release:

  • Increased movement speed and decreased wait times for all platforms and elevators.
  • Increased player walking acceleration to make movement a bit more responsive.
  • Increased player jump height slightly.
  • Fixed randomly missing sentry gun muzzle flashes.
  • Made sentry gun muzzle flash fade in and out smoothly similar to player weapons.
  • Fixed crashes when exiting the game due to an error.
  • Minor adjustments to level completion target times.
  • Removed an unused sound file from installation.

There has been a lot of disturbing news around Desura lately. First, they only seemed to have temporary problems paying the developers, but now it looks like the parent company behind Desura has filed for bankruptcy. It is still possible to purchase Lockdown Protocol on Desura, but due to these circumstances, I strongly recommend purchasing the store-independent full version key here instead.

There are good news too: The full version keys for Lockdown Protocol are now available for purchase at 50% discount for a limited time!

Download links have been updated on the game page.

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Posted on 2015-06-07

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