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Lockdown Protocol 1.0.0 released

It took almost five years, but Lockdown Protocol is finally ready! This final release basically just bumps up the version number to 1.0.0 with very little changes.

Alien extermination in 25th single player level

Here's full list of changes since 0.23.0 beta release:

  • Added alternative shooting with gamepad right analog trigger.
  • Created an installer for Windows.
  • Minor tweaks to Armory multiplayer level.
  • Fixed a crash on sending a chat message to client connected after match completion.

Here's some fresh screenshots from the final version:

Download links have been updated on the game page and the update is available on Desura too.

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Posted on 2015-03-21

Lockdown Protocol 0.23.0 beta released

A new beta version of Lockdown Protocol is ready. In addition to usual bug fixes and minor improvements, this release adds one major feature: Online high-scores. This will likely be the last beta version before the final release (unless some critical bugs are found that need more testing).

An animated scene from 25th single player level

Here's full list of changes since 0.22.0 beta release:

  • Added online high-scores.
  • Weapon recoil no longer pushes player backwards while on ground.
  • Improved look of high-score, shared level and online match listings.
  • Fixed font artifacts on top of w -letters.
  • Fixed level sharing silently failing if no title is set for level.
  • Fixed unnecessary warnings in log when using long player name with non-ascii characters.
  • Hide old messages after 10 seconds from the in-game "console" to clear the screen.
  • Disable built-in update checks when running inside Desura.
  • Removed "share online" feature, the extra player skin is now available in full version.
  • Log formatted version numbers instead of hex values.
  • Updated many external libraries to latest stable versions.
  • Show option to launch browser when new version is available on the website.
  • Redetect connected gamepads in player controller settings menu.
  • Default to first available gamepad layout if it auto-detection fails.

Due to updates in my build environment, Lockdown Protocol now requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 run-time (previously 2008). If you see errors complaining about missing libraries, please check that you have that installed. The GLIBC version required in Linux has also changed, which means that some old distributions (for example Debian 6.x) are no longer supported.

Download links have been updated on the game page and the update will soon be available on Desura too.

The high-score tables are currently completely empty. Go put your name in there!

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Posted on 2015-03-01

Lockdown Protocol 0.22.0 beta released

Second beta release for Lockdown Protocol is ready.

The change log consists mostly of bug fixes and balancing, but there are some new stuff too. I added one new small multiplayer level optimized for two-player local deathmatches. There is also one completely new weapon. I had decided not to add any more weapons, but I "accidentally" created a new pretty weapon while playing around with particles systems. So I finished it and here it is:

New level and new weapon called Plasma cannon

I have done a lot of tweaking based on feedback from the previous versions. Most of it aims to make the guards a little less efficient in killing the player and reduce the need to walk through already cleared empty corridors.

Here's full list of changes since 0.21.0 beta release:

  • Added full-screen red flash "pain effect".
  • Added a new weapon: Plasma cannon.
  • Added one more multiplayer level.
  • Fixed closing window with title bar close button.
  • Made guards randomly misaim to make them a bit less deadly over long distances.
  • Added basic gamepad control to menus.
  • Single player gameplay is now paused while menu is open.
  • Tweaked all levels for a bit more action and less walking through empty corridors.
  • Made elevators and platforms move a little faster.
  • Increased player walk speed a tiny bit to make jumping over gaps easier.
  • Fixed duplicate "Player X entered" messages in split-screen multiplayer matches.
  • Fixed randomly changing direction before mouse was first moved on remote clients.
  • Fixed player occasionally damaging himself when shooting while running up a ramp or falling.
  • Fixed choppy or completely missing reload animations on remote clients.
  • Fixed heartbeat loop sound not always stopping on death.
  • Shortened sentry gun target detection range.
  • Fixed spiders sometimes walking really slowly.
  • Increased guard AI stun duration after damage.
  • Added hit sound to pulse rifle and sentry drone projectiles.
  • Increased sentry drone fire rate, lowered its projectile speed and damage.
  • Lowered jellyfish projectile speed.
  • Fixed crash in case of too many simultaneous explosions.
  • Fixed object destruction when moving outside of level area.
  • Doubled laser rifle range.
  • Fixed explosions not applying forces to indestructible objects (e.g. blue barrels).
  • Adjusted visible/audible ranges to fix ugly looping sound cutoff.
  • Fixed missing particle fade out in some of the weapon hit effects.
  • Fixed badly oriented rocket smoke trail particle effect on clients.

Download links have been updated on the game page. The update will soon be available on Desura too.

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Posted on 2015-01-31

Progress report

The first beta version of Lockdown Protocol was released just in time for Christmas and I have finally received a bit more feedback on the game. In addition to direct comments from people, Softpedia wrote a review of the beta version. Based on the feedback, I have been making some changes. Nothing radical, but tweaks to alleviate gripes and issues people have faced.

I have added a full screen flash effect when the player character takes damage to make sure you notice if you're getting shot. It also seems to make the hits feel more "painful":

Guard AI has been changed so that it now randomly misaims a little. Previously it always aimed perfectly and only the inaccuracy of the weapon prevented guards from hitting their targets every time. This change makes the them less deadly, especially at long distances.

I'm currently in the process of going through all levels and making minor adjustments. There will be more checkpoints, so that you don't have to restart so far away when you die. In general I try to modify the levels to require less walking through already cleared empty corridors. I will be placing a few more enemies here and there too.

I probably won't be making any huge changes at this point, but all feedback and comments are still very much appreciated.

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Posted on 2015-01-14

Lockdown Protocol 0.21.0 beta released

Lockdown Protocol has gone beta! This means that the game is feature-complete and from now on I will focus on fixing bugs and polishing existing features. The final version will likely be released in the first quarter of 2015.

Change list for this release is shorter than usual. I have made quite a lot of invisible changes under the hood, for example OIS library has been replaced with GLFW. The external display settings dialog has been removed and those settings can now be found in the in-game settings menu.

I made a new level background model to replace the one I quickly hacked together for the first alpha versions almost four years ago. Not a big change, but it somehow makes everything look prettier.

Here's full list of changes since 0.20.0 alpha release:

  • New more detailed background model.
  • Added some secret cheat codes.
  • Added video mode settings in system settings menu and removed external configuration dialog.
  • Removed network packet rate and decal count from settings menu.
  • Added support for copy/paste in menus.
  • Gamepad compatibility improvements.
  • Fixed load screen status text updating.
  • F2 key now releases input grab as workaround for cases where alt-tab does not work.

Here's some fresh video footage:

Download links have been updated on the game page. The update will soon be available on Desura too.

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Posted on 2014-12-14

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