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About FRACTiLE Games

FRACTiLE Games is an independent one-man game developer based in Tampere, Finland. The man behind the name is Mikko Rytkönen.

FRACTiLE, as it was called back then, was formed in summer 1996 as a small group of people developing PC games at their spare time. The name of the group was later changed to FRACTiLE Games. The group has long since shrunken to just one person. I decided to keep using the name with my hobby game projects, because it has such a long history and more or less positive "brand image".

I am currently working on a local multiplayer space shooter game called Hyper Ultra Astronautics. To stay up to date on new releases and development progress you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or

We have a presskit() too.

Contact us

If you have a question or just want give some feedback, please use the following contact form or send email directly to