Polychoron web version available

Because Godot engine allows me to easily export the game to HTML5/WebGL, I did just that. You can now play the game here in your browser.

To make it work in wider range of browsers I had to use the GLES2 renderer which means it won't be able to use HDR, global illumination or dithering. I also had to disable some shader effects. Because of this, it looks significantly worse than the desktop and mobile versions using GLES3, even after adjusting the lighting to compensate for lack of HDR.

Gameplay-wise, it works surprisingly well. So far I have only noticed minor problems, mostly related to browser input focus and sometimes inconsistent mouse sensitivity.

While the web version is far from perfect, it's good to have this option for people to quicky try the game and as an option for otherwise unsupported platform like MacOS.

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Posted on 2020-07-06