Hyper Ultra Astronautics 1.0.0 released

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is now officially ready and version 1.0.0 is available for download in Itch.io!

It has been a long road, like with most of my games. The development started with a prototype in late 2015 and the game has been in open alpha/beta testing for three years. I can't say that I have actively worked on the project all that time, there have been a lot of pauses, both short and long. After all these years it feels good to finish another game project!

Here are the changes since 0.1.13 beta:

  • Added more tips shown at match start.
  • Hide keyboard and gamepad related match tips when those devices are not available.
  • Disable "Continue" option from main menu until player has started a match.
  • Prevent player spawning too close to power-ups to prevent accidental pickups.
  • Delay player respawning if no suitable spawn position is found.

This doesn't mean that the development stops here completely. I will still be fixing bugs and maybe even add some new features later on.

Updated packages are available for download on Itch.io page and the official game page has been updated.

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Posted on 2019-09-18

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