Hyper Ultra Astronautics 0.1.0 beta released

The promised beta version is here! There are not that many changes from the last alpha version, mainly because the game ready. Here's what has changed:

The biggest feature still missing is the iOS version of the controller app. The app is made using Godot engine, so porting should not be an issue. The problem is that I don't have Apple developer license or any Apple hardware to build and test on. I have released the source code and I'm hoping that I can find someone else to publish it on iOS.

Here's a brand new trailer for Hyper Ultra Astronautics:

As for the pricing, I have finally made some decisions. The game will be available at "pay what you want" price on Itch.io with no minimum payment. I will possibly later add some additional weapons/items that are only available above certain price point, but the base game will remain freely available. If the game later on ends up in other stores (for example Steam), I will likely have to set a fixed price.

Updated packages are available for download on Itch.io page and the official game page has been updated.

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Posted on 2018-06-05