Hyper Ultra Astronautics 0.0.12 alpha released

This is mainly a maintenance update. Although the change log is shorter than usual, a lot of work has been done to fix several long-standing compatibility issues. For example the fatal "selectPixelFormat failed" error that appeared on some Windows PCs should be gone. I haven't seen the random "X Error: BadDrawable" errors on Linux anymore either. If you still encounter bugs that prevent the game from running, please let me know.

Now that GLFW added support for using SDL2 gamepad database, I decided to drop my custom gamepad mapping code completely and switched to use SDL2 mappings. This adds a lot more supported gamepads. Another benefit is a simple GUI application for configuring your gamepad if it's not already in the database.

One small addition worth mentioning is the new "v-sync interval" setting in system settings menu. This is usefull for cases when the game can't run at 60 fps (or whatever the native screen refresh rate is). By setting the interval to 2 you can lock the screen refresh to 30 fps which looks much smoother than frame rate fluctuating below 60fps. Interval 0 disables v-sync completely.

Here's full list of changes since 0.0.11 alpha:

Updated packages are available for download on Itch.io page and the official game page has been updated.

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Posted on 2017-08-14