Hyper Ultra Astronautics 0.0.11 alpha released

It has been way longer than I intended since the last alpha update, but a new version is finally here.

The single most important addition in this update is online and local high score tables for the survival co-op game mode. After long delibaration I decided have four separate high score tables for different player counts. Player count here means the maximum allowed simultaneous player count. You can choose from 1 to 4 simultaneus players, but a lot more players can still play by taking turns. Choosing more simultaneus players will make enemy waves tougher so that overall difficulty will stay approximately the same.

I have made a lot of changes that affect survival co-op difficulty progression. Please let me know what you think. Is is too easy or too hard?

Here's full list of changes since 0.0.10 alpha:

  • Added local and online high score tables for survival matches.
  • Added new weapon: Teletorpedo.
  • Improved jumper boss model.
  • Tougher boss ships drop more valuable score items.
  • Show number of remaining lives in survival match.
  • Fixed gamepad thrust buttons not working simultaneusly with analog stick aiming.
  • Missiles no longer detonate on contact with the ship that fired them.
  • Mothership laser beams now turn on and off based on time instead of position.
  • Added "tail lights" to drones to make them more visible.
  • Wrap telefragger target indicator around arena edges.
  • Added separate tips shown at co-op survival matchs start.
  • Added a boss health indicator in survival matches.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from coming from the right side of the arena.
  • Fixed explosions causing less damage to larger objects.
  • Made enemy drones a lot weaker.
  • Rewrote drone aiming code to make them better hit stationary targets.
  • Added camera shake to enemy boss explosions.
  • Decreased duration of disruption caused by ship explosions.
  • Prevented disruption from ship explosions when telefragging.
  • Added respawn delay progress bar to respawn labels.

I decided to stop building 32-bit Linux packages. Maintaining 32-bit build environment seems like a waste of time as barely anyone has downloaded the 32-bit version and apparently practically every gamer on Linux uses 64-bit distribution now. If you really need the 32-bit version, let me know.

Updated packages are available for download on Itch.io page. Check out the game page for updated information.

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Posted on 2017-07-18

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