Hyper Ultra Astronautics 0.0.7 alpha released

It took longer than I planned, but the next alpha version for Hyper Ultra Astronautics is ready!

There are some important visual improvements like the large dark asteroids floating in the background and geatly improved glow effects.

The single most important addition is the new game mode called Survival co-op. It was initially intended as a single player practice mode, but it doubles as a co-op survival match for multiple players. Basically you fight against waves of drones and your mission is to survive as long as you can. Players can drop in and out anytime, but total number of lives is limited. Amount of enemy drones is scaled based on the number of active players. Currently there is only one enemy type, but more will come.

Here's what has changed since 0.0.6 alpha:

  • Added large slow-moving asteroids in the background.
  • Added training/survival co-op game mode.
  • Require holding down shoot button to respawn to prevent accidental controller activations.
  • Added auto-rotation to pause mode (press R).
  • Moved screenshot saving to a separate thread (no frame drops).
  • Added milliseconds to screenshot file names to prevent duplicate names.
  • Weapons no longer shoot in paused mode.
  • Improved quality of glow/bloom post-processing effect.
  • Shortened disruption time caused by EMP blast and disruptor.
  • Prevented missiles from locking on to teammates.
  • Increased damage caused by plasma bursts.
  • Increased disruptor recharge delay and heat production.
  • Limited plasma beam usage to 20 seconds in total.
  • Added a bit more particles to explosions.
  • Added new better thruster sound loop for player ships.
  • Added blue engine glow to player ship models.
  • Preload all resources at game start to prevent stuttering during gameplay.
  • Fixed broken fallback video mode selection when monitor does not support set resolution.
  • Adjusted match completion labels to take less horizontal space.

As usual, the downloads are available on Itch.io page. The game page here has also been updated.

All feedback is welcome!

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Posted on 2017-01-12

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