Hyper Ultra Astronautics 0.0.3 alpha released

The time has come to release the first alpha version of Hyper Ultra Astronautics into the wild. As the version number suggests, there has already been a couple of closed alpha test releases. Now the game is available for testing by anyone.

At the moment the game supports three players on keyboard, one using mouse, four using gamepads and up to 8 more players using a dedicated controller application on a mobile (Android) device. Only implemented game mode so far is deathmatch. There are currently seven different items and weapons available. A lot more will come.

I have received very little feedback on the game so far, so if you play the game, please let me know what you think about it. You can write in Itch.io community, or contact me directly.

Check out the game page for more information or jump directly to Itch.io page for downloads and discussion.

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Posted on 2016-07-04