Lockdown Protocol 1.4.1 released

This one is purely a bug fix release. The automatic Intel GPU detection and workaround for missing textures issue was not working as well as it should. At least Intel Iris GPUs slipped through undetected which resulted in most textures completely missing on Windows. This should now be fixed.

I also added command line options for enabling/disabling this workaround manually (--disable-mipmaps and --enable-mipmaps). This way you can manually activate the workaround or, more importantly, bypass the auto-detection if your Intel GPU does not need the workaround. After all, disabled mipmaps will cause more or less visible texture aliasing artifacts.

Here's full list of changes since version 1.4.0:

Itch.io added support for comments and I have enabled them for Lockdown Protocol's page there. That's one more way to give us some much appreciated feedback.

The downloads on itch.io have been updated. Check out the Lockdown Protocol page for more information on the game.

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Posted on 2015-09-20