Lockdown Protocol 0.22.0 beta released

Second beta release for Lockdown Protocol is ready.

The change log consists mostly of bug fixes and balancing, but there are some new stuff too. I added one new small multiplayer level optimized for two-player local deathmatches. There is also one completely new weapon. I had decided not to add any more weapons, but I "accidentally" created a new pretty weapon while playing around with particles systems. So I finished it and here it is:

New level and new weapon called Plasma cannon

I have done a lot of tweaking based on feedback from the previous versions. Most of it aims to make the guards a little less efficient in killing the player and reduce the need to walk through already cleared empty corridors.

Here's full list of changes since 0.21.0 beta release:

Download links have been updated on the game page. The update will soon be available on Desura too.

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Posted on 2015-01-31