Lockdown Protocol 0.14.0 alpha release

This release does not bring a lot of actual new game content, but improves existing features and fixes some bugs. The most visible changes are improved menu, initial gamepad support and a tutorial level.

Here's full list of changes since 0.13.0 alpha version:

  • Added initial gamepad controller support.
  • Turned the first level into a tutorial with controller type dependent instructions.
  • Updated menu system for slightly better looks and better performance.
  • Added description texts to menu items.
  • Added timestamps to high score tables.
  • Fixed "network packet rate" option in system settings not getting saved.
  • Fixed bad selection behavior in shared level browser when list content is updated.
  • Scaled "console" size down to three lines with a bit smaller font.
  • Created better looking "get full version" menu page.
  • Fixed some text placement issues with 4:3 resolutions.
  • Fixed random crashes when changing controller type while a game is in progress.
  • Added a little bit more details to the background model.
  • Some run-time errors previously only logged to console are now reported with an error pop-ups.

The game currently supports PS3 (Linux only) and Xbox 360 controllers and any other gamepads that are compatible with either of those, like Logitech F310/510. I will improve the gamepad support later on. If anyone knows how to get the PS3 controller working in Windows without the shady MotionInJoy driver, please let me know ;)

The plan for the next release is to focus on new content and do some server-side rework to finally fix the long-standing multiplayer matchmaking issues.

Downloads are available on the game page as usual. The release will shortly be available on Desura and IndieDB too.

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Posted on 2013-09-01

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