Progress report

Although I have been on summer vacation there were enough rainy days for Lockdown Protocol project to progress a little too.

Actually from technical point of view there has been more than a little progress, but for now it's not very visible to the player. The menu component has gone through a major rework. Although it currently looks almost identical to the old one it renders quite a lot faster and has gained support for new menu item types like static images and image lists. It also allows animated transitions between menu pages. I'll post some screenshots when the new features are in use and there's something to show.

The gamepad support I mentioned (at least in a tweet) earlier has been on hold for now. I got to state where both PS3 controller and a basic cheap Chinese gamepad worked well on Linux, but then I hit some problems on Windows. I will later return to work on the gamepad support and it will probably be included in next release. I'm planning to support at least PS3 and Xbox360 controllers in the first phase.

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Posted on 2013-08-07