Lockdown Protocol 0.13.0 alpha release

This release brings a new weapon, new enemy type, one new single player level and lots of miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

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Here's full list of changes since 0.12.0 alpha version:

  • Added new enemy called "jellyfish".
  • Added new weapon, the SMG.
  • Added one more single player level.
  • Humans can now be damaged and killed by falling objects.
  • Added basic guard speech using speech bubbles.
  • Added subtle ambient background sound to all levels.
  • Added key card indicator in HUD.
  • Fixed blinking player shadow on moving platforms.
  • Made all lines in UI look a lot smoother.
  • Show human character chat messages as speech bubbles.
  • Switched from Newton Dynamics physics engine to Bullet Physics.
  • Fixed long-standing physics bug that caused some doors to slide out of their place.
  • Fixed a rare physics bug that allowed dragons to fly through walls and objects.
  • Fixed "/save" chat command saving configuration to wrong directory.
  • Fixed a few warnings in log.
  • Fixed a potential crash at match restart.
  • Fixed walk speed limitation due to damage not getting reset when player respawns.
  • Fixed player aim cursor and laser sight getting left behind when player character dies.
  • Fixed minor error in center aligned text positioning.
  • Fixed all lab doors opening with red key card.
  • Added refiner machinery prop.
  • Fixed editor cursor and other UI components unintentionally occluding glow effect.
  • Dragon and jellyfish AI now goes directly to "search mode" on nearby gun shot.
  • Miscellaneous minor AI improvements.
  • Apply damage to flying enemies too if they are being crushed by heavy objects.
  • Fixed Unix-style line endings in some text files in Windows release package.
  • Made heartbeat sound fade in and out smoothly while player is badly damaged.
  • Fixed an error in glow effect shader making it a bit faster at high resolutions.

Downloads are available on the game page. The release will shortly be available on Desura and IndieDB too.

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Posted on 2013-07-09

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