Lockdown Protocol 0.11.0 alpha release

Along with this alpha release The Platform Shooter game project has finally lost its working title and has been renamed to Lockdown Protocol!

This new release focuses mainly on visual improvements and reworked single player score calculation. Here's the usual list of changes since 0.10.0 alpha version:

  • Retextured all level blocks adding more details and shadowing.
  • Tweaked some of the level block models to better fit together.
  • Added simple blob shadows for human characters.
  • Changed level score to be calculated on the fly.
  • Implemented locally saved high scores for each level.
  • Added new menu for viewing high scores for single player levels.
  • Added floating text messages showing score gained from kills and picked up power cells.
  • Added floating text showing level title at start of level.
  • Replaced level completion page with floating texts.
  • Made object interaction UI fade in and out smoothly.
  • Optimized (reduced batches) name tag and other UI component rendering.
  • Fixed ugly overlapping corners in UI rectangles.
  • Added different skin texture for shotgun guard.
  • Added camera nudge proportional to recoil when firing a weapon.
  • Downscaled some way too high resolution textures for small objects.
  • Moved controller type selection to player settings to be asked at first start-up.
  • Kill streak and multiple kill detection for extra score.

Downloads are available on the updated game page. The release will be available on Desura and IndieDB too, but it might take a while for me to update all links and sort out any problems that might arise from the name change.

Note: Due to name change the user data directory has changed too so your settings will be reset and any levels you have created will not be automatically restored. If you want to restore old settings or levels, you will have to manually copy the files from the old user data directory (theplatformshooter) to the new one (lockdownprotocol). See FAQ (level sharing) on the game page for location of the directory on different operating systems.

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Posted on 2013-04-14

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