The Platform Shooter 0.10.0 alpha release

The plan for this release was to focus on improving the level editor and that's exactly what I did. With the exception of a few minor bug fixes, everything else in the change log is level editor related.

Here is a time-lapse video of the new level editor in action:

Click below to play the video. Note: This will load the embedded video from Youtube and will allow Google to collect data according to their privacy policy.

The most important new features in the level editor are the visual element selector, full multilevel undo/redo functionality and box selection tool.

Here's a full list of changes since 0.9.0 alpha release:

  • Added level element selection by picking element from element selector tool.
  • Removed separate insert modes for different types of elements in level editor.
  • Fixed level editor element picking with rotated camera.
  • Implemented box selection in level editor by dragging in edit mode.
  • Added multilevel undo/redo functionality in level editor.
  • Added possibility to rotate selected elements using arrow keys in level editor.
  • Rotation in level editor now always rotates around global axes.
  • Added possibility to reset position and rotation of selected elements separately.
  • Human skins are now shown in editor.
  • Added default depth parameter for entities to have them inserted directly at correct depth.
  • Allow saving levels with no start points for backing up work in progress.
  • Control + R now reset camera back to default position in level editor.
  • Fixed rotated elements not getting aligned to grid properly.
  • Added level editor command for setting initial element states (e.g. sentry gun armed/disarmed).
  • Added level editor command for normalizing level center point to origo.
  • Camera motion is now much faster in editor than during game play.
  • Added missing crouch button to keyboard help.
  • T -button press for sending chat message no longer ends up in the message text.
  • Fixed hole in cyan wall light element.

Download links on the game page have been updated and the release will soon be available on Desura and IndieDB.

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Posted on 2013-02-08

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