The Platform Shooter 0.9.0 alpha release

This release brings two notable new features: A new level block theme called "lab" and built-in level sharing functionality. There is also one new level using the new theme and some miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Here's a full list of changes since 0.8.0 alpha release:

Download links on the game page have been updated and the release will soon be available on Desura and IndieDB too.

In the next release I will be focusing on improving the level editor and making it more intuitive. One of the most important changes that I have planned is some sort of level element selector "widget". Current way of blindly scrolling through over 50 different level elements is really slow and awkward. I'm also hoping to remove separate edit and insert modes, but I don't know how I'm going to do that yet.

If you have ideas on how the level editor should be improved, now is a good time to let me know.

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Posted on 2012-12-25