The Platform Shooter 0.8.0 alpha release

I haven't been able to do much work on this project during past month, so progress on the user created level sharing functionality has been very slow. Since it has already been quite a long time since the last release and the level sharing won't be ready anytime soon, I decided to release what I have done so far.

Here's a list of changes since 0.7.0 alpha release:

  • Added two more single player levels.
  • Added one more multiplayer level.
  • Added support for checkpoints in levels.
  • Added checkpoints to existing levels.
  • Adjusted grid snap positions on light poles and containers for easier placement in editor.
  • Player now dies instantly if falling outside level.
  • Apply movement and rotation limits properly while dragging level elements in editor.
  • Changed port number fields in menu to text fields accepting only numbers for easier editing.
  • Made corpses less shiny and adjusted the texture for more consistent look.

Download links on the game page have been updated and the release will soon be available on Desura and IndieDB too.

Screenshot from new level in The Platform Shooter 0.8.0 alpha Screenshot from new level in The Platform Shooter 0.8.0 alpha

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Posted on 2012-10-24

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