The Platform Shooter 0.7.0 alpha release and 40% alpha discount

The previous 0.6.0 release didn't go as smoothly as it should. Quite a few Windows users had problems with game starting up. Most issues were already resolved in 0.6.1 quick fix release, but the bug squashing continues in this release.

This is mostly a bug fix release and it's a little light on new features. The most notable change is that all configuration, user-created levels and logs are now stored in OS user directory. This allows the game to be installed in read-only location (e.g. system directory) and keeps the user data safe during updates.

Here's a list of changes since 0.6.1 alpha release:

NOTE: Be sure to backup any levels you might have created before upgrading to this version. After the upgrade you can just copy the level files into levels -directory in user data directory (see readme.txt for details) and they will be safe in future upgrades.

I have to agree with people saying that 5.99 EUR is quite steep price for an unfinished game. That's why I decided to cut the price while the game is in alpha stage. The Platform Shooter is now available at 40% discount off the final version price! The discount applies to both product keys for direct downloads and purchases on Desura.

Download links on the game page have been updated and the release will be shortly available on Desura.

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Posted on 2012-09-16