The Platform Shooter 0.5.0 alpha release

It took a little bit longer than I expected, but the promised alpha release version 0.5.0 is here. Next release will be focusing more on actual content, so expect more levels and hopefully a new weapon or two.

This version brings a couple of new single player levels, one completely new enemy type and one new variation of the old enemy guard (you'll notice the difference when it hits you). As usual, there are also several bug fixes and less visible improvements.

Here's a list of changes since 0.4.0 alpha release:

  • Added two more single player levels.
  • Added new enemy type called "dragon".
  • Added slowly regenerating health (up to 25%) for the player character.
  • Changed level collision model to triangle mesh to allow more details.
  • Prevented decals on the invisible back wall.
  • Added error message on invalid or missing level data instead of silently exiting game.
  • Corrupted or broken level files no longer prevent game from starting.
  • Reworked whole AI code to make it more configurable and simpler.
  • Enemies (guards and dragons) no longer block visibility.
  • Enemy AI can now see targets behind other enemies, but does not shoot without clear line of sight.
  • Made guard AI react to nearby damage sounds (e.g. player falling and hurting himself).
  • Made guard AI try to maintain optimal shooting distance to target instead of just standing still.
  • Fixed slightly non-linear aim velocity in keyboard aiming.
  • Replaced foot step sounds, because their origin and license was unknown.
  • Fixed bug human AI aiming that prevented it from hitting any other type of targets than human.
  • Implemented proper handling of reserved characters in e.g. player names and level information.
  • Print brief information on selected level element in editor console when selection changes.
  • Guards now stop for a while to look for targets when route is blocked before turning around.
  • Fixed grenades sometimes passing through walls.
  • Added new enemy guard variation with shotgun.
  • Updated all used external libraries to latest stable versions.
  • Hid human fragment entity from editor.
  • Fixed editor level selection not always defaulting to "create new".

I also recorded a new game play video from one of the new single player levels:

Click below to play the video. Note: This will load the embedded video from Youtube and will allow Google to collect data according to their privacy policy.

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Posted on 2012-07-10

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