The Platform Shooter 0.4.0 alpha release

It's time for another alpha release! After almost two months since last release I had to drop out some of the stuff that I had originally planned to get this release out. Having said that, there's definitely enough improvements to justify a release.

Here's a list of changes since 0.3.0 alpha release:

  • Added automatic download of missing level from server on client connection.
  • Added crouching support for taking cover behind objects.
  • Added bloody corpse entity.
  • Tweaked human explosion particle effects.
  • Added flying body parts with blood trails to human explosion.
  • Added proper glow texture support and retextured some of the glowing objects.
  • Missing level light map is now automatically generated on level load.
  • Added a slight oscillation to player character stand height.
  • Fixed player penetrating/floating over moving platforms (again).
  • Added three variations of explosion sound.
  • Added power cells to SP6 level.
  • Added fuel container entity to be used as cover.
  • Finally fixed the old bug that prevented fast reconnection to server.
  • Fixed random crashes on client after multiplayer match restart.

Downloads are available at the game page.

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Posted on 2012-04-08

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