The Platform Shooter 0.3.0 alpha release

The Platform Shooter development has been progressing a bit slowly but steadily and it is now time for a new alpha release.

The most visible changes in this release are changes in platform and elevator behavior, added sentry guns and a two new single player levels. The mouse control has been greatly improved. It is still off by default, so you'll need to enable it from settings menu (Settings->System settings->Mouse controller). Keyboard controls have also been slightly changed for more intuitive control with mouse (similar to classic WASD keys).

Here is a list of changes since 0.2.1 alpha release:

  • Made platforms callable and removed continuous movement.
  • Added sentry gun entity.
  • Added two more single player levels.
  • Improved mouse control with visible cursor (still disabled by default).
  • Changed left hand keyboard controls for more natural movement with mouse aiming.
  • Changed line of sight tests to show enemies behind player's back.
  • Fixed missing pick up sound for power cells.
  • More accurate line-of-sight tests in AI target finding.
  • Fixed random crashes when e.g. shooting barrel with a shotgun.
  • Removed background console window opening in Windows.
  • Process is now properly terminated in Windows when the game window is closed.
  • Fixed weapons not getting hidden on player death in multiplayer game.
  • Added small delay to guard AI target detection to simulate reaction time.
  • Guards now reload their weapon while waiting for lost target to reappear.
  • Made grenades to bounce less and explode a little faster.
  • Fixed guards falling off ledges while retreating.
  • Minor human animation improvements.
  • Fixed some level properties not getting reset to defaults for new levels in editor.

Downloads are now available for Linux and Windows at the game page. Three new screenshots have also been added:

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Posted on 2012-02-11

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