The Platform Shooter 0.2.1 alpha release

This is mostly a bug fix release that fixes some bugs that were found in 0.2.0 and improves light map handling in level editor. Here's full list of changes since version 0.2.0:

  • Fixed editor menu closing (menu could not be closed once opened in level editor).
  • Moved light map generation to a separate thread (editing possible during light map generating).
  • Empty light map now used when new level is created and while regenerating light map.
  • Doors now properly occlude light in light map.
  • Increased maximum dynamic entity count (fixes randomly missing explosions in SP4 level).
  • Added warning in editor when saving level with too many dynamic entities.
  • Fixed crash when trying to play level with too many dynamic entities.
  • Added C key as alternative to CTRL key used for camera movement in level editor.
  • Added W key as alternative jump key.

Downloads are available at the game page.

Now that this bug fix release is out I will focus on new content and features.

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Posted on 2011-12-14

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