About mouse aiming

A lot of people have been saying that The Platform Shooter keyboard controls are unintuitive (which I agree) and that they prefer mouse + keyboard control. I will have to experiment with different types of mouse aiming later. The reason why I didn't implement mouse aiming in the first place was that I felt it would be "too fast and easy". I know that might sound weird, but I like the way aiming currently takes some time and hitting you target likely requires fine tuning if you shoot too hastily. With point-and-click mouse aiming you could very quickly hit a new target even in completely different direction. Adding any artificial delays to mouse aiming will probably be a bad idea.

I was on summer vacation from my day job for the last four weeks and took a break from game development as well. The Platform Shooter development has not progressed for a while, but I will soon get back to it.

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Posted on 2011-08-01