First release is nearing

A game page has been added for The Platform Shooter.

The game is not as "ready" as I had hoped, but I will probably soon make the first release anyway. The long-waited summer is finally here, so I will probably be spending even less time working on this project. This does not mean that I'm going to abandon this project, the development will slowly continue.

Currently the game has only been tested on about 10 different computers, so what it needs now is more testing. Before the public release I will make at least one test release for a small group of testers and then fix the most critical problems found before the public release. One big question is whether the multiplayer game works well enough to be enabled in the public release or not.

If you would like to test the pre-release version use the contact form to let me know. Tell me at least your name, age, location and the type of hardware and operating system you would be testing the game on. When the time comes, I will send a download link and further instructions to selected testers.

I don't know what the exact system requirements are, but here's what I do know: The game is barely playable (~20fps) on a netbook with single core Atom CPU and integrated Intel GPU, with all eye candy turned off. It runs very well using the default settings on most fairly recent laptops with better integrated GPUs. On desktop any discrete graphics card less than five years old will probably be enough.

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Posted on 2011-05-22