Platforms: Windows
Status: Released
Release date: 2001

Final Dual 2 is a sequel to original Final Duel game released back in 1996. It is still a top-view multiplayer space shoot'em up, but this time it runs on Windows and adds 3D graphics, high quality sound effects and support for up to four players on single PC.


Windows installer for version 1.05:



Free registration

Final Dual 2 was originally distributed as shareware and requires a registration key to allow access to all weapons. Luckily a registration key is now available free of charge!

Use following registration key to unlock all weapons after installation:

Name: Freeware Release

Run setup.exe in game folder, click "Registration" -button and enter the above information.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get the original Final Duel?

Here. However, because it's an old DOS game, it will not run directly on modern operating systems. There is a free DOS emulator called DOSBox that lets you run Final Duel on modern PCs.