Full version of Lockdown Protocol

Lockdown Protocol is currently under development in a beta phase. This means that the game is feature-complete and has been released for public testing, but it is not yet a finished product. By pre-purchasing the game now you support its development and get an early access to the full version.

The base price is 5.99€. During development beta phase the game is available at 20% discount. That's only 4.79€!.

By purchasing the full version you get:

  • Unlimited access to all levels.
  • Demo reminders removed from user created levels.
  • All updates for free, including the final version when the game is finished.

If you have not already tried the free demo version of the game, it is highly recommended that you do so. This way you can ensure that the game runs flawlessly on your computer.

Option 1: Purchase a key code

You can purchase a simple key code that unlocks full version features in the demo version. There's no need to download another version and you will not be tied to any service that might go out of business in future. The key will work for all versions of the game.

Purchase key code for Lockdown Protocol

Option 2: Purchase on Desura

Desura is an indie-friendly digital distribution service that allows you to install and play games with one click.

There are also stand-alone download versions available on Desura for those who don't want to install the client application.